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Toronto Raptors -5, New York Mets to spoil the home opener of St. Louis.



Maryland -7,  Louisville -5.5,  Gonzaga +1 Duke -5

Pacers, Pac-man and Bengals, Oh-My!

“With his daughter’s first birthday just days away and his parents staying with him at Caesar’s Palace, Jones didn’t come to Las Vegas looking for trouble,” Moss said. That’s Pac-man Jones’ publicist, Cheryl Moss. He wasn’t looking for trouble on the eve of his daughters first birthday,  he just went to the strip club to blow off some much needed stress. Poor guy, life in the NFL  must be so rough.  I am sick of these athletes getting away with everything.  Tank Johnson needed permission to play in Superbowl XLI because of all of the guns they found in his house. Maybe he was planning on going to Iraq after the big game to help the troops.  If they found all those guns in my house, I wouldn’t even be able to WATCH the game, let alone play in it. Washington Redskin Sean Taylor some how got community service after he beat down and pulled a gun on a man. Do all athletes carry guns?  Just ask the Cincinnati Convicts, I mean Bengals. Isn’t that whole team on parole?

Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels were taken straight from a win over Milwaukee to the police station to turn themselves in after charges were filed in a fight at a local bar. They claim they are innocent. Of course they are. Former Pacer Stephen Jackson was hit by a car during a fight outside a strip club last October. (another stripclub story)  He faces felony and misdemeanor charges for, guess what, firing a gun. Something must be in the water in Indiana. Look I know athletes, movie stars, rock stars, rappers, they have different laws then the blue collar worker. I’m an ex-athlete who couldn’t make the pros and now I am a blue collar worker, and would love to have a shot at making millions.  I think these guys lose perspective of not only money, but of life.  Your daughter is going to be 1 Pac-man. Go spend time with her, so she doesn’t end up working at the stripclub in 17 years.


Southern Miss -1 vs. UAB

Tigers in ’07

My Detroit Tigers are 1-0 with a 14-0 shutout!! Well I guess I’m jumping the gun since it’s the first exibition game, and it was against Florida Southern. But I’m very excited for baseball this year. It’s been along time in Detroit since I can honestly say, I EXPECT Detroit to go to the ALCS if not the World Series. This team is loaded. Starting pitching looks good, Zumaya, Rodney, and even Jones out of the pen. Craig Monroe and Brandon Inge are coming of age, and my big prediction that Gary Sheffield will have a monster season. 20-30 homers and 100 RBI’S. I don’t see this team losing the World Series unless that ugly injury bug jumps up and gets them. If not, sorry Yanks, Sox, Twins,…’s the Tigers world and y’all just live in it!  (But the Bluejays as a dark horse scare me!)

Gary Sheffieldgranderson.jpginge-casey.jpg

Don’t Forget February 26th 1993

Today is February 26th, and tomorrow being my birthday I wanted to see what historical events happened over time on Feb. 27th. Well before I could get to the the 27th, I read about today. February 26th 1993. The first time some asshole tried to blow up the World Trade Center. Just after noon a bomb exploded in the North Tower parking garage. An Islamic extremest Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, drove a van containing a 1500 pound bomb and left it under the North Tower hoping to bring it down.  More than one thousand people were injured and 6 were killed, but the tower stood. When Yousef was caught wondering  through the sand in Packistan, he admitted to having a plot to kill Pope John Paul II, and blowing up 15 American Airliners in a 48 hour span. Him and his buddies all got life in prison, doesn’t seem like much of a punishment for killing six people and attempting to kill thousands.  If  that doesn’t deserve the death penalty (um…Tim McVeigh ring a bell) I don’t know what does.  We all know that the ball was dropped alot on 9/11, but I’m still wondering how you get a 1500 pound bomb in the parking garage. Nevertheless, 9/11 was awful, but for the thousands injured and the 6 people killed on February 26th, lets not forget them.  February 26th 1993, a terrible day in American History.

Illini Chief Proves We Are Not The Land Of The Free

Offensive? I don’t see it. And I’m sure the University of Illinois doesn’t mean it to be. We are becoming less and less of a free society by the day.  We are the land of the free and the home of the brave…if you keep your mouth shut and always talk P.C. The Dixie Chicks spoke up against War and President Bush and caught hell for it. Now 2 years later, everyone is saying the same thing they said. Now after years of Chief Illiniwek dancing, it’s become offensive. This P.C. world we are living in today is getting to be a joke. So the next logical step is to change the Atlanta Braves rally chop. And the Florida State logo. I’m not a Native American, but I don’t see the harm in these things. I personally have never felt the dance Chief Illiniwek performs was to mock Native Americans. I actually thought it was pretty cool. Good-bye Chief, I know you will be missed.