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Raptors Have Bite

Last night the Toronto Raptors made a statement. They man-handled the Miami Heat, and I believe  they are going to be tough in the Eastern Conference playoffs. I actually believe the Raptors could beat Miami in a playoff series. Chris Bosh is a stud, Andrea Bargnani should be rookie of the year, Juan Dixon, T.J. Ford, Mo. Pete,….these guys are good. Toronto has yet to make a splash and do some damage in the playoffs, but I think this is the year of the Raptor.  Will they make the NBA Finals? Probally not. But they sure have made the Air Canada Centre a tough place to get a victory at,


and with the way the Eastern Conference is this year, anything can happen. Detroit, and Miami are the class of the conference, but after that people say Cleveland, New Jersey or Chicago could be there in the end, or even Washington. I think people over look Toronto because of guys like LeBron, Shaq, D. Wade, and Jason Kidd. The big names in the conference, but I think Toronto could beat Jersey or Cleveland in a 7 game series. They may not go far, or they may surprise, but with that talent and youth on their side, Toronto is an up an comer in the East.