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G-Town all the way

Well 2 of my Final Four are gone and 2 remain. The most important one to me is Georgetown, who I have winning it all in one of my pools. But I can’t really even concentrate on the Final Four with opening day only 5 days away! I can’t wait for the opening day ceremonies, games on all day on ESPN, grilling hotdogs and drinking beer! And hoping the Yanks hand the ball to Carl Pavano and watch the almight D-Rays take batting practice.  Actually the D-Rays usually give the Yanks all they can handle. I’m sorry I know I’m just way to old-school and I have to learn to change, but I STILL can’t believe what the Yanks are paying Pavano.  WOW! Thats alot of scratch for a guy who had one year over .500. Anywho, I hope all you baseball nuts like me have a great opening day, and the best part about it is, everybody has high hopes for thier teams, and were all in first place! 


Ramblings of an Angry Fan

I wrote in 2004 when the Detroit Tigers were going to offer the moon for Carl Pavano it would be the biggest mistake since trading all our future prospects for Juan “I play when I feel like it” Gonzalez. Thank God he chose to go to New York. 39 Million for a guy that had one wining year and a career ERA over 4.50. WOW!  Good luck New York, your going to have to score 10,000 runs to win the AL East this year with that pitching staff! 39 Million for Pavano, that makes my blood boil. No wonder why sports fans are getting turned off more and more each year.  What would Mickey Mantle get in todays market? The first 100 million dollar player,….per year! 

Another thing thats making me shake my head is the NCAA Tourney picks. How in the hell does Syracuse and Drexel get left out of the big dance, and Purdue and Arkansas make it? Who’s  on the selection committee? Curious George? Those teams got screwed! Just like the BCS Selections in football it’s all BS!

And what’s with Chris Simon of the New York Isles? Rough day at home so you thought you’d try to kill a guy on the job? Twenty-five games is a joke. Take the rest of his salary for the year and give it to charity. If I did that to some one at a pick up game in the park or on a league I’d be in jail! F@#k this clown and send a message, hit him where it hurts and where most players will pay attention, in the wallet!!

Wild Thing Ready to Roll

Major League is one of my favorite baseball movies. Major League II is also up there.  Of course “For Love of the Game”,  “61”, and “Field of Dreams” are there to, but if you’re a die hard baseball fan you gotta love “The Natural”. What is scaring me is that I’m seeing a  connection between the movie Major League and the Detroit Tigers.  Last year we weren’t  supposed to do anything but hold up the bottom of the sports section, like the team in Major League. But along comes “Rick Wild Thing Vaughn” , played by Joel Zumaya, (who really can hit 103m.p.h. on the gun), the veteran “Jake Taylor” played by Pudge Rodriguez,  “Willie Mays Hayes” played by Curtis Granderson, and you can’t forget the crafty veteran pitcher “Eddie Harris” played by Kenny Rogers. Seeing the correlation? Last year they fell short, (like Major League) so maybe this year……….

AL Central.charlie-sheen.jpgzumaya1.jpg

1. Detroit

2. Minnesota

3. Chicago

4. Cleveland

5. K.C.

Spring baseball is here, Gramatica puts on a “show”

Spring is near. Even though in Michigan it snows until late April, just seeing exhibition baseball in Florida is a sign that eventually it will get warmer, and baseball is back.  And now is the time I like to make my predictions and see how they look in October. I think Toronto will give New York and Boston a run in the AL East, the Tigers and Cleveland will tussel for the Central,  and if Texas could ever get some pitching with that line-up, they could make some noise in the West.

The favorite in Vegas in the NL East is the New York Mets. Personally, I like the Marlins or even Atlanta to make a run at the division. Las Vegas still makes me shake my head at the odds they posted for the NL Central. The Cubs and St. Louis are the favorites. St. Louis I see, but the Cubs? Not happenin’.  I think Milwaukee could be a big surprise in that division.  And for the NL West, San Diego and L.A. will probably battle it out, but I like Arizona.  Finally, I hope the Arena football fans in Tampa got their money back after the first game of the season. What a stinker! I’m not sure what Arena ballers get paid a game, but whatever it is, Bill Gramatica, the Storm “kicker”, should give it back and then some.  Gramatica missed all 4 extra points, and a few field goals on top of that. It wasn’t pretty at all!  I hope Bobby Bowden wasn’t watching. Gamatica had so many wide rights it probably brought back some aweful memories. Any ex-kickers out there, I’m sure there is a job opening in Tampa.