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5 Aces Is Always Better Than 1 King

Well here we go. NBA’s Golden Child vs. the team everyone loves to hate. With the NBA’s most vocal player who everyone loves to criticize. (Sheeeeeed!) But lets be real for a minute. The Pistons are better then the Cavs. Period. Let me expain. The Cavs are a GOOD TEAM. The Pistons are GREAT TEAM. Does that mean Detroit will roll the Cavs? Probally not. You see there is to much time and money invested in the Cavs. (uhh I mean LeBron). The Sprite pushing clean cut Poster boy IS THE CAVS TEAM. LeBron is a great player, but the surronding cast isn’t. But I know somewhere in this world David Stern is on his knees praying for LeBron, (I mean the Cavs) to make the NBA Finals.

 This Series will probally go 7 games, but I believe Detroit could take it in 5. My theory is this……If this game was on the playground, and Cleveland said “o.k., Chauncy has to sit this series out,” Detroit would be in trouble, but could still hang with the Cavs. If Detroit said “o.k. LeBron has to sit this series out,” This series would be over in 4 games. This is not a shot against LeBron, the guy is awesome. But Like it or not he IS THE MAN. And the Cavs can only go as far as he can take them. The hunger is back in Detroit and with Chris Webber in the middle instead of Big Ben, the Pistons are better this year then they were last.  Pistons in 5.   


Heat Stink Up Home Court

Do teams just “take days off?” Are they to spoiled now a days? To much money? To many shoe deals? Look , I know athletes are just humans like all of us, sometimes we all don’t feel like working, it’s just natural. But whats with the Miami Heat? Did any one see that sorry ass team yesterday attempt to beat the all might Bobcats at home last night?  Maybe some games are fixed. Or maybe, just maybe, these teams just don’t give a sh#t! Look, The Larry Bird lead Celtics, The Pat Riley coached LAKERS, (not heat),  The Dr. J lead 76ers, Isiah and the Pistons, and of course the Jordan lead Bulls.  These teams NEVER WANTED TO LOSE A HOME GAME!! Going 35-6 at home was the norm back then.  Then to add insult to injury after the game James Posey is arreseted for a DUI.  Incredible! Maybe he started throwin ’em back in OT!

Look I’m just an average guy, who loves sports,  and not to take away the effort the Bobcats put out last night, but the Heat tanked that game. They should refund the fans money! (Especially since they played even worse yesterday than they did when they let the Orlando Magic come in a few weeks ago and blow them out!) Fight back fans! Boo when your team tanks it! Sports is entertainment, and if your team loses, it’s not the end of the world, but when a hard workin man pays $500.00 for a family of 4 to buy tickets, pay for parking, food and the $50.00 souvenir for your 5 year old, and you glance at the bench and see the home team with big smiles on their faces after an OT loss, it can be very frustrating.

Raptors Have Bite

Last night the Toronto Raptors made a statement. They man-handled the Miami Heat, and I believe  they are going to be tough in the Eastern Conference playoffs. I actually believe the Raptors could beat Miami in a playoff series. Chris Bosh is a stud, Andrea Bargnani should be rookie of the year, Juan Dixon, T.J. Ford, Mo. Pete,….these guys are good. Toronto has yet to make a splash and do some damage in the playoffs, but I think this is the year of the Raptor.  Will they make the NBA Finals? Probally not. But they sure have made the Air Canada Centre a tough place to get a victory at,


and with the way the Eastern Conference is this year, anything can happen. Detroit, and Miami are the class of the conference, but after that people say Cleveland, New Jersey or Chicago could be there in the end, or even Washington. I think people over look Toronto because of guys like LeBron, Shaq, D. Wade, and Jason Kidd. The big names in the conference, but I think Toronto could beat Jersey or Cleveland in a 7 game series. They may not go far, or they may surprise, but with that talent and youth on their side, Toronto is an up an comer in the East.

K-G: Get out while you can!

The Minnesota Timberwolves hit an all time new low last night. That team is spiraling out of control and Kevin Garnett better get out if he wants any shot at a ring. Hell the way they are playing he better get out if wants a shot at the playoffs again!  Blowing a 25 point lead is bad, real bad. But doing it at home to a hapless Seattle team, without Ray Allen mind you, is just friggin aweful! And just looking at Kevin McHale sit in the crowd with a lifeless look on his face is priceless! Long way from the Garden Party days eh Kevin? I feel for you T-Wolf fans. You have in my opinion the best player in hoops, and hes melting away in Minnesota.  K-G is better then Lebron, Kobe, and others in my opinion, he just has no supporting cast to speak of, and last nights game was a total embarrassment!