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5 Aces Is Always Better Than 1 King

Well here we go. NBA’s Golden Child vs. the team everyone loves to hate. With the NBA’s most vocal player who everyone loves to criticize. (Sheeeeeed!) But lets be real for a minute. The Pistons are better then the Cavs. Period. Let me expain. The Cavs are a GOOD TEAM. The Pistons are GREAT TEAM. Does that mean Detroit will roll the Cavs? Probally not. You see there is to much time and money invested in the Cavs. (uhh I mean LeBron). The Sprite pushing clean cut Poster boy IS THE CAVS TEAM. LeBron is a great player, but the surronding cast isn’t. But I know somewhere in this world David Stern is on his knees praying for LeBron, (I mean the Cavs) to make the NBA Finals.

 This Series will probally go 7 games, but I believe Detroit could take it in 5. My theory is this……If this game was on the playground, and Cleveland said “o.k., Chauncy has to sit this series out,” Detroit would be in trouble, but could still hang with the Cavs. If Detroit said “o.k. LeBron has to sit this series out,” This series would be over in 4 games. This is not a shot against LeBron, the guy is awesome. But Like it or not he IS THE MAN. And the Cavs can only go as far as he can take them. The hunger is back in Detroit and with Chris Webber in the middle instead of Big Ben, the Pistons are better this year then they were last.  Pistons in 5.   


Shaq: Shut up and play

Wow. Shaq is mad about the calls in the first playoff game vs. Chicago. Actually to quote him “My intention was to come out and be myself, until Eddie Rush derailed me,” what does that mean? Did the refs finally call him for traveling? He does 90% of the time. Or the way he just knocks people over,  then stands there with the look on his face like how can you call that foul on me? Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe the Bulls are better than the Heat. They sure look hungrier then the Heat.  They remember losing to this Heat team last year and do not want this year to bring the same results. Last year I believe the Heat got some generous calls vs. the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals and even got more home cookin vs. Dallas in the Finals. What goes around comes around. I’m hopin the Bulls can win the series and play my hometown Pistons. That would be awesome,  and I could remember the good ol days of a good rivalry. Pistons vs. Bulls. Awesome!