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Shaq: Shut up and play

Wow. Shaq is mad about the calls in the first playoff game vs. Chicago. Actually to quote him “My intention was to come out and be myself, until Eddie Rush derailed me,” what does that mean? Did the refs finally call him for traveling? He does 90% of the time. Or the way he just knocks people over,  then stands there with the look on his face like how can you call that foul on me? Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe the Bulls are better than the Heat. They sure look hungrier then the Heat.  They remember losing to this Heat team last year and do not want this year to bring the same results. Last year I believe the Heat got some generous calls vs. the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals and even got more home cookin vs. Dallas in the Finals. What goes around comes around. I’m hopin the Bulls can win the series and play my hometown Pistons. That would be awesome,  and I could remember the good ol days of a good rivalry. Pistons vs. Bulls. Awesome!


Heat Stink Up Home Court

Do teams just “take days off?” Are they to spoiled now a days? To much money? To many shoe deals? Look , I know athletes are just humans like all of us, sometimes we all don’t feel like working, it’s just natural. But whats with the Miami Heat? Did any one see that sorry ass team yesterday attempt to beat the all might Bobcats at home last night?  Maybe some games are fixed. Or maybe, just maybe, these teams just don’t give a sh#t! Look, The Larry Bird lead Celtics, The Pat Riley coached LAKERS, (not heat),  The Dr. J lead 76ers, Isiah and the Pistons, and of course the Jordan lead Bulls.  These teams NEVER WANTED TO LOSE A HOME GAME!! Going 35-6 at home was the norm back then.  Then to add insult to injury after the game James Posey is arreseted for a DUI.  Incredible! Maybe he started throwin ’em back in OT!

Look I’m just an average guy, who loves sports,  and not to take away the effort the Bobcats put out last night, but the Heat tanked that game. They should refund the fans money! (Especially since they played even worse yesterday than they did when they let the Orlando Magic come in a few weeks ago and blow them out!) Fight back fans! Boo when your team tanks it! Sports is entertainment, and if your team loses, it’s not the end of the world, but when a hard workin man pays $500.00 for a family of 4 to buy tickets, pay for parking, food and the $50.00 souvenir for your 5 year old, and you glance at the bench and see the home team with big smiles on their faces after an OT loss, it can be very frustrating.