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Holy Cow! Settle Down Lou!

Well it only took 1 week for Lou Pinella to realize what kind of season this could be for him and the cubbie faithful. After what I thought was a harmless question about “what could be the problem” from a beat writer, Pinella had to go into a typical Pinella rant mode and do his best Bob Knight and try to make the reporter fell like an ass. Don’t worry Lou, things will get better. NOT! Not with this Cubs team. First off, they have no pitching. Zambrano and…….yeah that’s where it begins and ends.  Being a Bill Murray fan, the Cubbie fans must feel like the Chicago native is living in “Groundhog Day” over and over with this Kerry Wood and Mark Prior soap opera. They need to part ways with these 2. It’s aweful about the injuries, but it’s time to part ways. Soon no other team will have any interest in either of these guys because of there track records. Well keep the faith Cubs fans, being in what I think is one of the weaker divisions, a .500 team could win it!  Unfortunately, I think 65 to 70 wins is all you will get this season. I think Vegas Oddsmakers were a little tipsey when they made the Cubbies a 3-1 favorite in the National League to win the Pennant. Holy Cow! One thing is for sure, I miss Harry Caray!


This could be an all to familiar look for Zambrano and the Cubs if they don’t get some pitching help from the pen.