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K-G: Get out while you can!

The Minnesota Timberwolves hit an all time new low last night. That team is spiraling out of control and Kevin Garnett better get out if he wants any shot at a ring. Hell the way they are playing he better get out if wants a shot at the playoffs again!  Blowing a 25 point lead is bad, real bad. But doing it at home to a hapless Seattle team, without Ray Allen mind you, is just friggin aweful! And just looking at Kevin McHale sit in the crowd with a lifeless look on his face is priceless! Long way from the Garden Party days eh Kevin? I feel for you T-Wolf fans. You have in my opinion the best player in hoops, and hes melting away in Minnesota.  K-G is better then Lebron, Kobe, and others in my opinion, he just has no supporting cast to speak of, and last nights game was a total embarrassment!