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Final 4 Intact….For Now

Well my final 4 is still alive! Even though I do have Florida winning their spot in the Final Four, like I wrote a few blogs ago my heart is pulling for UNLV.  I think I was one of the few not surprised that Vegas beat Wisconsin. I almost looked like a real expert when I predicted Xavier would beat Ohio State, and they would have if it weren’t for a missed free throw and a miracle 3-pointer at the buzzer to send the game to O.T.  When Xavier missed the free throw and Ohio State was dribbling down court why didn’t they foul? I was screaming FOUL HIM!!! They must have not heard me through my T.V.!

How about Butler?  That’s a great story and it could become greater with a victory over Florida. It will be tough, but they have beaten Notre Dame, Tennessee, and Maryland. And don’t forget about USC.  Not really known as a Basketball School, they are turning heads with a victory over Kevin Durant. (oops I mean Texas!) That’s not really a slap at Texas, but if they didn’t have Durant, oh boy! That guy is awesome!  And give USC Head Coach Tim Floyd some credit here. The guy who took a job nobody could win at, (The Chicago Bulls head spot right after the M.J., Phil Jackson years) deserves his credit. He’s doing a great job at USC.


Stardust 1958-2007


Just a tribute to one of my favorite casinos in Vegas. The first hotel casino to let you gamble on sports. I know I’ll miss the Dust.

$$$$ Vegas Rollin’ With Home Cookin’

The UNLV Runnin rebels are reliving their glory years of Larry “Grandmama” Johnson and Greg Anthony and may be a force to reckon with in the NCAA tourney.  Today they are layin 3.5 points to BYU, who are having a good year themselves. But I look for UNLV to take care of BYU at home and win the Mountain West Championship.  Other plays I like today are Oaklahoma State +4 vs. Texas, Georgetown -2  to win the Big East tourney tonight, and the Akron Zips -5 to win the MAC tourney. Special bonus play is Arizona -1.5 in the Arena Football League.unlv-color.jpg

Spring baseball is here, Gramatica puts on a “show”

Spring is near. Even though in Michigan it snows until late April, just seeing exhibition baseball in Florida is a sign that eventually it will get warmer, and baseball is back.  And now is the time I like to make my predictions and see how they look in October. I think Toronto will give New York and Boston a run in the AL East, the Tigers and Cleveland will tussel for the Central,  and if Texas could ever get some pitching with that line-up, they could make some noise in the West.

The favorite in Vegas in the NL East is the New York Mets. Personally, I like the Marlins or even Atlanta to make a run at the division. Las Vegas still makes me shake my head at the odds they posted for the NL Central. The Cubs and St. Louis are the favorites. St. Louis I see, but the Cubs? Not happenin’.  I think Milwaukee could be a big surprise in that division.  And for the NL West, San Diego and L.A. will probably battle it out, but I like Arizona.  Finally, I hope the Arena football fans in Tampa got their money back after the first game of the season. What a stinker! I’m not sure what Arena ballers get paid a game, but whatever it is, Bill Gramatica, the Storm “kicker”, should give it back and then some.  Gramatica missed all 4 extra points, and a few field goals on top of that. It wasn’t pretty at all!  I hope Bobby Bowden wasn’t watching. Gamatica had so many wide rights it probably brought back some aweful memories. Any ex-kickers out there, I’m sure there is a job opening in Tampa.



Marquette -1 vs. Pittsburgh …..and UNLV -8  huge over Colorado State  and in the Pros Dallas -12 over Orlando


Southern Miss -1 vs. UAB

Tigers in ’07

My Detroit Tigers are 1-0 with a 14-0 shutout!! Well I guess I’m jumping the gun since it’s the first exibition game, and it was against Florida Southern. But I’m very excited for baseball this year. It’s been along time in Detroit since I can honestly say, I EXPECT Detroit to go to the ALCS if not the World Series. This team is loaded. Starting pitching looks good, Zumaya, Rodney, and even Jones out of the pen. Craig Monroe and Brandon Inge are coming of age, and my big prediction that Gary Sheffield will have a monster season. 20-30 homers and 100 RBI’S. I don’t see this team losing the World Series unless that ugly injury bug jumps up and gets them. If not, sorry Yanks, Sox, Twins,…’s the Tigers world and y’all just live in it!  (But the Bluejays as a dark horse scare me!)

Gary Sheffieldgranderson.jpginge-casey.jpg