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NCAA Football needs brackets

Everybody I know loves the NCAA Basketball tourney. Exciting action and upsets make it fun. But aren’t college sports being pretty hypocritacle? Don’t you think fans would go hog wild if college football had this playoff system? Let the top 10 or 20 teams settle it on the field, like this great basketball tourney they have every year? Look, no offense to teams like Long Beach State, or Texas A&M Corpus Christi, but if they can make the field of 64, how can you snub Rutgers or Boise State in football? Boise went undefeated and should have played for the Championship. But the BCS will say their strength of schedule wasn’t good enough, or they barely beat so and so college…..THAT’S BS! Sorry, but I bet Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s schedule wasn’t as tough as Georgetowns’, but yet they are still competing for the same prize! The Championship of college hoops. If you make a “BCS Bowl” are you supposed to be excited? You can’t be college footballs’ champion unless you are in THE Championship bowl game, the other bowls are just BS! College Football needs to take a page from College Basketball and get it right, let the players decide the outcome, not a computer!


Todays Teams Don’t Stack Up to Yesteryear

After I saw Shaq smiling walking off the court yesterday as the Heat destroyed the Bulls it hit me. The Heat stink. I mean they really do. They have to be one of the worst teams ever to win a championship. Which leads me to more thinking….(I know you can see the smoke rising!) Isn’t Dallas much better then Miami? How did they beat the Mavs in the Finals last year? Oh yeah D Wade. And some help from refs. Okay, alot of help from the refs. Even Mark Cuban will tell you that. The NBA, or any other sport for that matter would never admit this, but don’t you think sometimes they WANT certain teams to win?  I’m a Pistons fan, but I can’t see them beating any of the teams from the West this year. But there always is D. Wade, putting off  shoulder surgury so he can come back for the playoffs, hobble around, make faces when he barely gets touched and gets the foul call. Plus he’s the guy the NBA would like to hear say, “I’m goin’ to Disneyworld!!” Plus the whole shoulder drama will be brought up every 5 seconds by Doug Collins and that awful TNT broadcasting crew.  (Except Reggie Miller and Sir Charles, their good.)

But back to my point about “bad” Championship teams. I know it’s an oxymoron, but aren’t the Miami Heat one? Without Wade they don’t have a chance.  When I say “bad” champion, I mean there here then gone. Or a few years down the road you can’t even remember they were the winner.  Kinda like the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. No offense to speak of, but Superbowl Champs. Kinda boring football but they were the Champs. Then never heard from again. Not like the New England Patriots. I miss teams that form a  dynasty. The Steelers in the 70’s, awesome. The 49ers in the 80’s.  The Cincinnati Reds big red machine in the 70’s. The A’s in the 70’s. Now a days it’s all about money. No player usually stays with a team for years or for a carrer.  Shaq did fulfill his promise to bring a championship to Miami, but like most sports teams of today, I think the Heat are one and done. Do you have a champion you think was “bad” or just weak from a sport? I’d love to hear some opinions!


Mets fans go crazy in the fall classic of 1969.

Spring baseball is here, Gramatica puts on a “show”

Spring is near. Even though in Michigan it snows until late April, just seeing exhibition baseball in Florida is a sign that eventually it will get warmer, and baseball is back.  And now is the time I like to make my predictions and see how they look in October. I think Toronto will give New York and Boston a run in the AL East, the Tigers and Cleveland will tussel for the Central,  and if Texas could ever get some pitching with that line-up, they could make some noise in the West.

The favorite in Vegas in the NL East is the New York Mets. Personally, I like the Marlins or even Atlanta to make a run at the division. Las Vegas still makes me shake my head at the odds they posted for the NL Central. The Cubs and St. Louis are the favorites. St. Louis I see, but the Cubs? Not happenin’.  I think Milwaukee could be a big surprise in that division.  And for the NL West, San Diego and L.A. will probably battle it out, but I like Arizona.  Finally, I hope the Arena football fans in Tampa got their money back after the first game of the season. What a stinker! I’m not sure what Arena ballers get paid a game, but whatever it is, Bill Gramatica, the Storm “kicker”, should give it back and then some.  Gramatica missed all 4 extra points, and a few field goals on top of that. It wasn’t pretty at all!  I hope Bobby Bowden wasn’t watching. Gamatica had so many wide rights it probably brought back some aweful memories. Any ex-kickers out there, I’m sure there is a job opening in Tampa.


Pacers, Pac-man and Bengals, Oh-My!

“With his daughter’s first birthday just days away and his parents staying with him at Caesar’s Palace, Jones didn’t come to Las Vegas looking for trouble,” Moss said. That’s Pac-man Jones’ publicist, Cheryl Moss. He wasn’t looking for trouble on the eve of his daughters first birthday,  he just went to the strip club to blow off some much needed stress. Poor guy, life in the NFL  must be so rough.  I am sick of these athletes getting away with everything.  Tank Johnson needed permission to play in Superbowl XLI because of all of the guns they found in his house. Maybe he was planning on going to Iraq after the big game to help the troops.  If they found all those guns in my house, I wouldn’t even be able to WATCH the game, let alone play in it. Washington Redskin Sean Taylor some how got community service after he beat down and pulled a gun on a man. Do all athletes carry guns?  Just ask the Cincinnati Convicts, I mean Bengals. Isn’t that whole team on parole?

Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels were taken straight from a win over Milwaukee to the police station to turn themselves in after charges were filed in a fight at a local bar. They claim they are innocent. Of course they are. Former Pacer Stephen Jackson was hit by a car during a fight outside a strip club last October. (another stripclub story)  He faces felony and misdemeanor charges for, guess what, firing a gun. Something must be in the water in Indiana. Look I know athletes, movie stars, rock stars, rappers, they have different laws then the blue collar worker. I’m an ex-athlete who couldn’t make the pros and now I am a blue collar worker, and would love to have a shot at making millions.  I think these guys lose perspective of not only money, but of life.  Your daughter is going to be 1 Pac-man. Go spend time with her, so she doesn’t end up working at the stripclub in 17 years.

Are You Ready For Some Arena Ball?

Does anyone miss the XFL besides me? It was so cool. Guys tryin’ their all for bum pay. You only got paid if you won.  Maybe the NFL should look into that. Then no one on the Detroit Lions or Oakland Raiders would get paid! I am pumped up for the real football season to begin. The Arena Football league kicks off next week. I love that sport. Fast pace action and high-scoring games. Many ex-NFL guys can be found in the arena league, and the competition is fierce. Even though I know the arena league can’t compete with the NFL, it still is fun to watch. No fair catches and you might get knocked right into the crowd when your running down the sidelines! My predictions… American Conference Final four..Colorado, Arizona, Las Vegas, San Jose….National Conference… Dallas, Philly, Austin, Orlando. If you never watched Arena Football, give it a shot, it’s really good entertainment and if you have a team in your city, go check’em out. Great football action at well over 50% cheaper then an NFL ticket.

Indy in the Rain

Well I was kinda right, it was a  Supersnore. Indy could’ve, or should I say  should’ve,  won Superbowl XLI 47-17. If you missed the opening kick off, you missed all the Bears highlights. But really, getting out gained by almost 300 yds? In the rain? Isn’t that Bears football weather? Well if you read my blog a week ago, I pedicted Indy 31-14, so I hope you made some money! Or at least hit a square. I’m just happy it’s over.  Bring on spring training!

Suns Will Shine

Very quietly something big is going on in Phoenix. Like NBA Championship big. All the names aren’t household yet, but they will be. We all know Steve Nash is  incredible, Shawn Marion is a poised vet who is very underrated. And don’t forget the best player many people don’t know, Amare Stoudemire. This kid is going to be awesome. All the potential to be the best in the league. Here’s where I catch the slack from my friends, I’d take him over LeBron James. LeBron is great, so is D. Wade, but so is Amare. The publicity and hype may not be as big, but the talent sure is. I think this is the year Phoenix could be the West representative in the NBA Finals.