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Ohio State is Gator Bait…..Again

It’s deja-vu for Ohio State. And the result will be the same. The Gators smell blood and I believe the chop will be in full motion tonight. Back to Back championships are hard to come by in the NCAA, and Billy Donovan and the Florida Gators knows this. This team is focused. Just ask UCLA. Many experts predicted the Bruins could upset Florida, but this team seems even more hungry than last year. Many of these Gators will be playing in the NBA, but one to watch tonight is Corey Brewer. When he’s on this team is all-most un-stoppable.  Personally I would love a Florida Romp. It was great to watch the arrogant Buckeyes get smashed by a stronger and more talented Florida team, but best was watching Jim Tressel look like a 7 year old who lost his puppy! It was priceless! Just in case OSU forgot heres the box score. Good luck tonight!

                          1      2       3        4      Final

Florida            14    20      0        7        41

OSU                  7       7      0         0       14