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Pistons Send Early Message

I’m so glad the Pistons are playing the Bulls. Detroit vs. Chicago. Awesome! Great memories of these two cities battling it out. The Bad Boys vs. the Jordan led Bulls. Tigers vs. Sox always is a battle. And all through the 80s and 90s the Wings and Blackhawks was always a blood bath! It was great! No offense David Stern (who you know was dying when the Heat got smashed in 4 by the Bulls, now the East moves on without Wade or Shaq wahhhhhhh!!) Detroit and Chicago are far better sports towns than Miami. Whoever wins this series I hope wins the NBA Title. I know they wouldn’t be the favorite vs. powers like Dallas or the Spurs or Suns. Wait…..Dallas is …..gone? Oh yeah, the team everyone was handing the trophy to forgot they had to beat Golden State. Now it’s the Spurs or Suns. Well one of those Favorites will be gone in a week because they are going head to head in round 2. I’m pullin for my Pistons but if they do lose, I hope the Bulls win it all!