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Todays Teams Don’t Stack Up to Yesteryear

After I saw Shaq smiling walking off the court yesterday as the Heat destroyed the Bulls it hit me. The Heat stink. I mean they really do. They have to be one of the worst teams ever to win a championship. Which leads me to more thinking….(I know you can see the smoke rising!) Isn’t Dallas much better then Miami? How did they beat the Mavs in the Finals last year? Oh yeah D Wade. And some help from refs. Okay, alot of help from the refs. Even Mark Cuban will tell you that. The NBA, or any other sport for that matter would never admit this, but don’t you think sometimes they WANT certain teams to win?  I’m a Pistons fan, but I can’t see them beating any of the teams from the West this year. But there always is D. Wade, putting off  shoulder surgury so he can come back for the playoffs, hobble around, make faces when he barely gets touched and gets the foul call. Plus he’s the guy the NBA would like to hear say, “I’m goin’ to Disneyworld!!” Plus the whole shoulder drama will be brought up every 5 seconds by Doug Collins and that awful TNT broadcasting crew.  (Except Reggie Miller and Sir Charles, their good.)

But back to my point about “bad” Championship teams. I know it’s an oxymoron, but aren’t the Miami Heat one? Without Wade they don’t have a chance.  When I say “bad” champion, I mean there here then gone. Or a few years down the road you can’t even remember they were the winner.  Kinda like the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. No offense to speak of, but Superbowl Champs. Kinda boring football but they were the Champs. Then never heard from again. Not like the New England Patriots. I miss teams that form a  dynasty. The Steelers in the 70’s, awesome. The 49ers in the 80’s.  The Cincinnati Reds big red machine in the 70’s. The A’s in the 70’s. Now a days it’s all about money. No player usually stays with a team for years or for a carrer.  Shaq did fulfill his promise to bring a championship to Miami, but like most sports teams of today, I think the Heat are one and done. Do you have a champion you think was “bad” or just weak from a sport? I’d love to hear some opinions!


Mets fans go crazy in the fall classic of 1969.


Wild Thing Ready to Roll

Major League is one of my favorite baseball movies. Major League II is also up there.  Of course “For Love of the Game”,  “61”, and “Field of Dreams” are there to, but if you’re a die hard baseball fan you gotta love “The Natural”. What is scaring me is that I’m seeing a  connection between the movie Major League and the Detroit Tigers.  Last year we weren’t  supposed to do anything but hold up the bottom of the sports section, like the team in Major League. But along comes “Rick Wild Thing Vaughn” , played by Joel Zumaya, (who really can hit 103m.p.h. on the gun), the veteran “Jake Taylor” played by Pudge Rodriguez,  “Willie Mays Hayes” played by Curtis Granderson, and you can’t forget the crafty veteran pitcher “Eddie Harris” played by Kenny Rogers. Seeing the correlation? Last year they fell short, (like Major League) so maybe this year……….

AL Central.charlie-sheen.jpgzumaya1.jpg

1. Detroit

2. Minnesota

3. Chicago

4. Cleveland

5. K.C.

Spring baseball is here, Gramatica puts on a “show”

Spring is near. Even though in Michigan it snows until late April, just seeing exhibition baseball in Florida is a sign that eventually it will get warmer, and baseball is back.  And now is the time I like to make my predictions and see how they look in October. I think Toronto will give New York and Boston a run in the AL East, the Tigers and Cleveland will tussel for the Central,  and if Texas could ever get some pitching with that line-up, they could make some noise in the West.

The favorite in Vegas in the NL East is the New York Mets. Personally, I like the Marlins or even Atlanta to make a run at the division. Las Vegas still makes me shake my head at the odds they posted for the NL Central. The Cubs and St. Louis are the favorites. St. Louis I see, but the Cubs? Not happenin’.  I think Milwaukee could be a big surprise in that division.  And for the NL West, San Diego and L.A. will probably battle it out, but I like Arizona.  Finally, I hope the Arena football fans in Tampa got their money back after the first game of the season. What a stinker! I’m not sure what Arena ballers get paid a game, but whatever it is, Bill Gramatica, the Storm “kicker”, should give it back and then some.  Gramatica missed all 4 extra points, and a few field goals on top of that. It wasn’t pretty at all!  I hope Bobby Bowden wasn’t watching. Gamatica had so many wide rights it probably brought back some aweful memories. Any ex-kickers out there, I’m sure there is a job opening in Tampa.


Tigers in ’07

My Detroit Tigers are 1-0 with a 14-0 shutout!! Well I guess I’m jumping the gun since it’s the first exibition game, and it was against Florida Southern. But I’m very excited for baseball this year. It’s been along time in Detroit since I can honestly say, I EXPECT Detroit to go to the ALCS if not the World Series. This team is loaded. Starting pitching looks good, Zumaya, Rodney, and even Jones out of the pen. Craig Monroe and Brandon Inge are coming of age, and my big prediction that Gary Sheffield will have a monster season. 20-30 homers and 100 RBI’S. I don’t see this team losing the World Series unless that ugly injury bug jumps up and gets them. If not, sorry Yanks, Sox, Twins,…’s the Tigers world and y’all just live in it!  (But the Bluejays as a dark horse scare me!)

Gary Sheffieldgranderson.jpginge-casey.jpg

Spartans Will Roll, A-rod Needs a Dinner Pal

Well tonight the Michigan State Spartans host Wisconsin in college basketball. Wisconsin is #1 in the country but does that really mean much at this time of the year? College basketball polls are so much different than college football. How many teams have been #1 in college hoops this year? 50? It seems that way. There will be a new one by the weekend because I feel the Spartans will beat Wisconsin tonight at home. Home court means alot in Big Ten basketball, and the Spartans are 16-1 at home this season. Anyone worried that A-rod and Jeter aren’t eating together these days? What a joke to even talk about!  They are still great friends A-rod says, they just don’t eat together anymore. That’s news?? Hey Yankees, don’t worry about A-rod, it’s your joke of a pitching staff that will be your downfall again this year! If you happen to be in a Vegas casino take Michigan State at home +2 and UNLV at home -3 and thank me in the morning.

Cubs 3 to 1?? Holy Cow!!!!

I like to gamble. I make no bones about that. Some people think if you like to gamble you must have a gambling problem, like if a person enjoys a few beers with dinner they must be a drunk. Not always so. I find there is an art to the gaming industry. You have to have money management, never bet more than you have, and if you study you can make money. And most important, never bet with your heart. That can be a very bad thing. So I’m looking at the MLB Baseball odds to win the pennant and World Series. The leagues have never been this open before. No real dominate teams in either league. I like the Tigers in the American League, Pitching looks to good and you can still get good odds at 7 to 1. But the National League is wide open in my opinion. Florida and Arizona are my dark horses, especially at 20 to 1 to win the pennant. But whats makin me laugh so hard I’m cryin and can barely see the computer monitor is the Chicago Cubs are 3 to 1 to win the pennant??? Is this a miss print? The Detroit Tigers went from worst to first but not over night as some people may think. They are loaded in there farm system now with all kinds off pitch potential. Pitching is the key, just like defense in football. So how does Vegas have the Cubbies at 3 to 1? I’ll give you Zambrano…he’s money. But Kerry Wood? Mark Prior? This is a broken record in Chicago, and to make them a favorite to win the pennant? Maybe picking up Ted Lilly and his career 5+ ERA will help. When i seen this line in Vegas all I could say is…. Holy Cow!!!

My Favorite Sport is Two-Faced

O.K., can we please let this Kenny Rogers “Smudgegate” thing go, AP and CBS Sportsline???  First off, nobody throws 23 scoreless innings just because of pinetar. If it were that much off a factor I’m sure more pitchers would do it. Hell, I’d do it. Before my injury I could throw in the upper 80’s. Just add pinetar and I’m throwin’ a shutout.  Not that simple.  Why don’t we go back in time and look at all of George Brett’s hits. Billy Martin said he had too much pinetar on his bat after his 3rd hit of the game vs. the Yankees, which happened to be a home run, and Brett lost his mind when the ump called him out. (Which he had every right to do.)  Joe Buck, the every-sport announcer, (and employed by the St. Louis Cardinals by the way) just happened to have some tape ready to roll on Rogers when the camera picked up the spot. His one liners were so funny you would think Rogers should have been burned at the stake with the witches of Salem in the 1700’s. Look, in every sport people look for an edge. Hockey players get a little extra curve on the blade hoping know one will notice. I don’t believe it’s right to do these things, but I believe it happens all the time, and more pitchers do it than we know, I’d  sure bet on that. Besides, shouldn’t pitchers be allowed to use something extra when it’s cold? MLB keeps juicing up the baseballs and continues to deny it, which is a total joke.