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Weekly Tigers Report 4/29 – 5/6

Well it couldn’t  have been a better week for Tigers fans. 7 games, 7 wins! Also closing the 3 game gap between us and the Indians to move into a first place tie with the Tribe.  Things are starting to look up for some of the early slumping Tigers. Gary Sheffield hit 3 HR’s this week and raised his avg. from .119 to .227. (Not to mention Sheff is 3rd in the A.L. in runs scored with 24) Not a bad week! Brandon Inge is also shaking off his early season funk. And Magglio Ordonez continues to kill the baseball!  Slugging Pct. near .700, and 28 RBI’s, Maggs is on a pace to have the best year of his carrer. The little bit of bad news is Joel Zumaya hasn’t looked like his ol self and now maybe we know why. Zumaya was placed on the 15-day DL today when he heard “someting pop” in his middle finger near the knuckle. Hopefully he will make a quick recovery.


Holy Cow! Settle Down Lou!

Well it only took 1 week for Lou Pinella to realize what kind of season this could be for him and the cubbie faithful. After what I thought was a harmless question about “what could be the problem” from a beat writer, Pinella had to go into a typical Pinella rant mode and do his best Bob Knight and try to make the reporter fell like an ass. Don’t worry Lou, things will get better. NOT! Not with this Cubs team. First off, they have no pitching. Zambrano and…….yeah that’s where it begins and ends.  Being a Bill Murray fan, the Cubbie fans must feel like the Chicago native is living in “Groundhog Day” over and over with this Kerry Wood and Mark Prior soap opera. They need to part ways with these 2. It’s aweful about the injuries, but it’s time to part ways. Soon no other team will have any interest in either of these guys because of there track records. Well keep the faith Cubs fans, being in what I think is one of the weaker divisions, a .500 team could win it!  Unfortunately, I think 65 to 70 wins is all you will get this season. I think Vegas Oddsmakers were a little tipsey when they made the Cubbies a 3-1 favorite in the National League to win the Pennant. Holy Cow! One thing is for sure, I miss Harry Caray!


This could be an all to familiar look for Zambrano and the Cubs if they don’t get some pitching help from the pen.

Heat Stink Up Home Court

Do teams just “take days off?” Are they to spoiled now a days? To much money? To many shoe deals? Look , I know athletes are just humans like all of us, sometimes we all don’t feel like working, it’s just natural. But whats with the Miami Heat? Did any one see that sorry ass team yesterday attempt to beat the all might Bobcats at home last night?  Maybe some games are fixed. Or maybe, just maybe, these teams just don’t give a sh#t! Look, The Larry Bird lead Celtics, The Pat Riley coached LAKERS, (not heat),  The Dr. J lead 76ers, Isiah and the Pistons, and of course the Jordan lead Bulls.  These teams NEVER WANTED TO LOSE A HOME GAME!! Going 35-6 at home was the norm back then.  Then to add insult to injury after the game James Posey is arreseted for a DUI.  Incredible! Maybe he started throwin ’em back in OT!

Look I’m just an average guy, who loves sports,  and not to take away the effort the Bobcats put out last night, but the Heat tanked that game. They should refund the fans money! (Especially since they played even worse yesterday than they did when they let the Orlando Magic come in a few weeks ago and blow them out!) Fight back fans! Boo when your team tanks it! Sports is entertainment, and if your team loses, it’s not the end of the world, but when a hard workin man pays $500.00 for a family of 4 to buy tickets, pay for parking, food and the $50.00 souvenir for your 5 year old, and you glance at the bench and see the home team with big smiles on their faces after an OT loss, it can be very frustrating.

Tiger Fans Hold On

After 3 games of what is a very long baseball season, why am I worried about my Detroit Tigers? I’ll tell you in 2 words. Relief Pitching. Well Middle Relief to be politically correct. Last night the Tigers looked like they were sleep walking in K.C. and handed the Royals a victory. Justin Verlander was good, even though he walked a few.  The day before they almost blew a 9 run lead to Toronto and held on 10-9. Last night my all-time favorite pitcher (I’m being very sarcastic) Jose Mesa came in and did what he’s best at, blowing games. Verlander gives up only 2 hits in 6 innings, but Mesa gives up hits  to the first 3 hitters he sees, and a 1-1 tie is a 3-1 loss. It’s early in the season, but this is a bad sign. I’ve watched Mesa blow many games for the Giants and Indians and I don’t want him doing that here! I wish the Tigers would try to package Jason Grilli and Jose Mesa for……….someone! Maybe Jamie Walker??? Oh yeah, it’s to late for that!

They Don’t Make’m Like Hank Anymore

I know I’m old school, and at times all I can do  is shake my head at what some ball players make, or what they do off the field, getting away with things the average man couldn’t, with seemingly no consequences.  Charles Barkley once said he’s not a role model. Well I think athletes and movie stars are role models whether they like it or not. To many young kids are influnenced by them.  Good or bad they want to be like them. Well on the eve of a new baseball season, I wanted to pay tribute to one of the games best ever, and a man who put up with alot of social  steriotypes, constant heckiling from fans and hardships. Being Jewish was hard enough, but being a Jewish ball player in 1930s America made him even more open for criticism. Especially when he had a 0-4 day at the plate.

I’m talking about Hank Greenberg. One of the best ball players ever, during an era of many greats.  Not only was Greenberg one of the best hitters in baseball history, he missed 3 full seasons and most of 2 others to military service during World War II, and missed most of another season with a broken wrist. Think about that….he missed 3 baseball seasons to go to WAR! Came back and still put up monster numbers.

A first baseman primarily for the Detroit Tigers, Greenberg was one of the premier power hitters of his generation. He hit 58 home runs in 1938, the most in one season by any player between 1927,when Babe Ruth set a record of 60, and 1961when Roger Maris surpassed it. The five time all-star was twice named the MVP of the American League, and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1956. The anti-Semitism Greenberg faced ranged from players staring at him because they had never before seen a Jew, to coarse racial epithets hurled at him. Particularly abusive were the St. Louis Cardinals during the  1934 World Series. Examples of this were: “Hey Mo,” referring to Moses and “Throw a pork chop he can’t hit that,” referring to laws of Kashrut. Greenberg always seemed to keep a cool head. He was a mans man. A real Pro. And Baseball was more than his “job”, it seemed to be his passion. In my opinion he was a great role model for kids in the 1930s and 40s, and even today.  The culture of sports and even living in general is much different today than it was then, this I know, but somethings are timeless. Hank Greenberg is one of them.hank-greenberg.jpg

G-Town all the way

Well 2 of my Final Four are gone and 2 remain. The most important one to me is Georgetown, who I have winning it all in one of my pools. But I can’t really even concentrate on the Final Four with opening day only 5 days away! I can’t wait for the opening day ceremonies, games on all day on ESPN, grilling hotdogs and drinking beer! And hoping the Yanks hand the ball to Carl Pavano and watch the almight D-Rays take batting practice.  Actually the D-Rays usually give the Yanks all they can handle. I’m sorry I know I’m just way to old-school and I have to learn to change, but I STILL can’t believe what the Yanks are paying Pavano.  WOW! Thats alot of scratch for a guy who had one year over .500. Anywho, I hope all you baseball nuts like me have a great opening day, and the best part about it is, everybody has high hopes for thier teams, and were all in first place! 

Ramblings of an Angry Fan

I wrote in 2004 when the Detroit Tigers were going to offer the moon for Carl Pavano it would be the biggest mistake since trading all our future prospects for Juan “I play when I feel like it” Gonzalez. Thank God he chose to go to New York. 39 Million for a guy that had one wining year and a career ERA over 4.50. WOW!  Good luck New York, your going to have to score 10,000 runs to win the AL East this year with that pitching staff! 39 Million for Pavano, that makes my blood boil. No wonder why sports fans are getting turned off more and more each year.  What would Mickey Mantle get in todays market? The first 100 million dollar player,….per year! 

Another thing thats making me shake my head is the NCAA Tourney picks. How in the hell does Syracuse and Drexel get left out of the big dance, and Purdue and Arkansas make it? Who’s  on the selection committee? Curious George? Those teams got screwed! Just like the BCS Selections in football it’s all BS!

And what’s with Chris Simon of the New York Isles? Rough day at home so you thought you’d try to kill a guy on the job? Twenty-five games is a joke. Take the rest of his salary for the year and give it to charity. If I did that to some one at a pick up game in the park or on a league I’d be in jail! F@#k this clown and send a message, hit him where it hurts and where most players will pay attention, in the wallet!!