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Ban Artest from the NBA

Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest was arrested Monday after a woman called 911 from his home saying she had been assaulted. Does this surprise anyone?  This guy is a fool. His fake smile makes me cringe. Living In Detroit it makes me even sicker to see the man responsible for the “Basketbrawl” at The Palace a few years back is still at it. Why didn’t you swing at Big Ben, Ron? You had no problem swinging at 5′-10″ fans. Now your turing your anger problems on a woman. This man had a huge track record BEFORE that night at The Palace.  You are a class act Mr. Artest. But have no fear, just say your sorry and look like you mean it, and you will just get another slap on the wrist. No jail time will happen, maybe a fine, and good ol community service.  This makes me sick.  I love sports but the preferential treatment these athletes get is beyond me. Put this guy in jail like you would any hard blue-collar worker and see how he likes it. My job wouldn’t put up with me getting in trouble or arrested every six months, but I guess the NBA does.



Don’t Forget February 26th 1993

Today is February 26th, and tomorrow being my birthday I wanted to see what historical events happened over time on Feb. 27th. Well before I could get to the the 27th, I read about today. February 26th 1993. The first time some asshole tried to blow up the World Trade Center. Just after noon a bomb exploded in the North Tower parking garage. An Islamic extremest Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, drove a van containing a 1500 pound bomb and left it under the North Tower hoping to bring it down.  More than one thousand people were injured and 6 were killed, but the tower stood. When Yousef was caught wondering  through the sand in Packistan, he admitted to having a plot to kill Pope John Paul II, and blowing up 15 American Airliners in a 48 hour span. Him and his buddies all got life in prison, doesn’t seem like much of a punishment for killing six people and attempting to kill thousands.  If  that doesn’t deserve the death penalty (um…Tim McVeigh ring a bell) I don’t know what does.  We all know that the ball was dropped alot on 9/11, but I’m still wondering how you get a 1500 pound bomb in the parking garage. Nevertheless, 9/11 was awful, but for the thousands injured and the 6 people killed on February 26th, lets not forget them.  February 26th 1993, a terrible day in American History.