G-Town all the way

Well 2 of my Final Four are gone and 2 remain. The most important one to me is Georgetown, who I have winning it all in one of my pools. But I can’t really even concentrate on the Final Four with opening day only 5 days away! I can’t wait for the opening day ceremonies, games on all day on ESPN, grilling hotdogs and drinking beer! And hoping the Yanks hand the ball to Carl Pavano and watch the almight D-Rays take batting practice.  Actually the D-Rays usually give the Yanks all they can handle. I’m sorry I know I’m just way to old-school and I have to learn to change, but I STILL can’t believe what the Yanks are paying Pavano.  WOW! Thats alot of scratch for a guy who had one year over .500. Anywho, I hope all you baseball nuts like me have a great opening day, and the best part about it is, everybody has high hopes for thier teams, and were all in first place! 


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